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Women’s Course with Sensei Linda Marchant

Women’s Course with Sensei Linda Marchant

I am delighted to report that the attendance for the course more than doubled in numbers and this year with representatives from Germany, Iceland, Portugal, Denmark, Belgium, Sheffield, Winchester, Northampton and London.

We covered a full compliment of the Goju Ryu syllabus including basics, moving combinations, Sanchin, supplementary training, kata, bunkai and iri-kumi together, with additional focus on the White Crane part of the system, from which self defence mechanisms can be researched. New and renewed friendships were formed between ladies who have come from all over Europe and I was very pleased that ladies from Kempo and Wado-Ryu were able to attend and hope that you will all now be regulars! It is extremely fulfilling for me to have been a part of such an enthusiastic group of ladies, who’s unswerving determination in training was truly wholeheartedly uplifting. It was a pleasure to be part of this experience and once again my thanks to everyone for their support and commitment in attendance.
My thanks to Sensei George for his help in organising the event, Andy for the wonderful T-shirts and Maroulla for lunch and English Tea, it was much appreciated!

I look forward very much to next year, but hope to see you all again soon

Sensei Linda Marchant
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