Karatefélag Reykjavíkur

Iceland Gasshuku March 2004

Iceland Gasshuku March 2004


It’s always a pleasure to visit Reykjavik, but I must say that on the way to the city you do see some changes, more industry, new towns and development.

There are some wonderful views for one to see, and the air is clear and clean, when I arrive I hope to see snow but I’m not always fortunate. However, by the end of the trip my patience is rewarded with a blanket of snow.

As to training, I received the usual response with everyone ready and willing to receive instruction. I must comment that the standard in Iceland is quite good, and they have a strong contingent of practitioners especially the women.

As to the men, last week saw the Icelandic Kata Championships in Reykjavik with Kata Willie Williamson achieving individual kata, 1st place , well done.

The training saw about 80 people, trying to perfect their disciplines, lots of sweat and loss of kilos was their reason.

As to the future, the Chief Instructor of Iceland Sensei Gretar, is arranging to bring a group of children to London for training and sightseeing, which is wonderful for friendship, international understanding, and community spirit for children of different environments.

I look forward to my next trip to Iceland in November 2004

Sensei George Andrews

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